2012 Topics

GTIF 2012 focused on three distinctive topic areas:

Simplified Global IP Valuation & Accounting Standards

Strategic Partner: World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

  • What standards can be implemented without hindering market growth?
  • Should standard accounting and public reporting requirements be developed for IP-based transactions?
  • Can a central database of technology available for license or acquisition be created, including government-owned technology? Would such a database be useful?

Development of a Global Economic Marketplace for IP

Strategic Partner: World Trade Organization (WTO)

  • Should GTIF 2012 organizations actively support emerging primary & derivative IP markets?
  • How do we approach creating primary & derivative IP market standards?
  • How does regulation play a part in market creation?

Transfer of IP & Technology to Developing Nations

Strategic Partners: International Chamber of Commerce & WIPO

  • Should standard form contracts for cross-border technology transfer be prepared?
  • Can an agreed-upon summary statement of governmental policy goals be reached?